September 26, 2019

Episode #4: Conservation Tech

DOC's Technical Advisor Stuart Cockburn talks to us about his scientific innovations, which are world-firsts, and have been critical in protecting native species.

Stu’s responsible for kākāpō snarks, track counters, sea bird soundscapes, grasshopper detectors and much, much more. He also one got into a one-way fight with a Great Spotted Kiwi (the bird started it), and is directly responsible for Nic getting questioned by airport security. All in a day’s work for Stu.

The birdsong used this episode is the Australasian gannet.

Music is Let’s get down to business by Cast of Characters.

Te reo translation:

  • Kia ora! Ko Nic Toki tēnei. He kōnae ipurangi tēnei, e pā ana ki nga Sounds of Science.
    Hi! My name is Nic Toki and this is a podcast about Sounds of Science.
  • Kia ora Nic. Kō Stu Cockburn tōku ingoa.
    Hello Nic. My name is Stu Cockburn.

Lizard expert Lynn Adams shares tales from the world of reptile conservation – including two near misses for the “curly wurly” tailed Chesterfield skink.

Lynn and Nic also discuss the main threats to lizards - mice, hedgehogs, habitat loss and climate change.  They finish up on a positive note, with what we can do to help protect our native reptiles.

The birdsong used in this episode is kaki/black stilt.

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April 3, 2019

Episode #2: The DOC Vet

From kākāpō to kiwi, Kate McInnes is vet to New Zealand’s native species. It’s a one-of-a-kind job!

January 23, 2019

Episode #1: Marine Species

Marine species expert Hannah Hendriks talks whale strandings, post-mortems and crucial data.